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Our support team is dedicated to ensure that you are getting help right away with any questions or concerns you may have!

Secure Payments

Paypal payment options ensuring a Secure and fast Checkout! Complete your order within minutes!


No need to worry about getting banned, includes working ban bypasses!

Full Ip Info

Shows Ip, Port, City, State, Country,ISP!

VPN Friendly

No need to worry about getting locked out or banned from the menu its vpn friendly!

Auto Logging

Keep track of every game with auto logging it auto logs every users info to the site for you!

Free Updates

When a update is available it will pop a message on game load letting you know their is an update avalible!


No need to worry about skid modders turn on anti freeze and laugh when they try to freeze you!

Terms Of Service

This menu is for Dex (jailboken ps3) consoles only.

This Menu if for DEX/BLES Only. no refunds if you dont read.

Keys are not to be shared or license will be banned!

We provide absolutely no refunds, and if you are going to dispute us we consider that as scamming us.

If you open a PayPal Dispute, we will fight till the very end to win it.

We win 95% of our PayPal disputes, and we do not take scammers privacy very serious.

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